My brother‘s fall into psychosis, and his reemergence

Illustrations by Mark Starmach

I spent a year collecting people’s go-to thoughts that help them in hard times. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Inside the accounts banking on creative desperation

Illustrations by Mark Starmach

What a computer game about life has taught me about life

(Illustrations — Mark Starmach)

Humans 101

Your (over)use of a certain emoji may hint at your values and flaws

Illustration of two hands over a crystal ball with emoticons inside.
Illustration: Mark Starmach

It seems counterintuitive, but a pessimistic outlook may help.

With misconceptions rife, perhaps we need an alternative…

Why the quest for productivity can be counterproductive

Preparing for death by making peace with it

Illustrations: Mark Starmach

A lesson in primates, passion projects, and perseverance

Finding light on the dark side of life. Copywriter and Co-founder of Intangible Goods.

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